Massage strongly influences health and mood, especially if it is practiced regularly. Research shows that even ninety percent of the disease is due to stress. Massage is a great way to get rid of stress, and with the use of relaxing essential oils the effect can be even better.

Massage relaxes the body psychologically and physically. If you are under stress, you can afford a high-quality massage - it will be guaranteed to provide relief. Choose the type of massage that suits you most.

Beauty Center Green offers various types of massages:

In the classical massage of the body masseurs hunger, tremble, czech, circles, bruises on the bare skin, and as a consequence of this large group of muscles become again flexible, elastic, durable. The massage is divided according to the procedures and parts of the body that are massaged, but the recipient must feel that the massage is an uninterrupted series of rhythmic procedures that run one after the other. A classic massage of the entire body takes 60 minutes.

Partial massage is a massage of certain parts of the body, for example, back, arms, legs, stomach, head. It is performed at the request of a client who wants to massage a certain part of the body and lasts 30 minutes.

Aromasasage is a body massage with the use of essential oils in a pleasant environment where you can relax and indulge with the aromas of essential oils. Fragrances of essential oils strongly affect the emotions and the spirit, and by their chemical composition they affect certain organs, tissues, hormone and nervous system. Aromasasage is a great way to treat certain problems such as stress, fatigue, some "psycho-emotional" problems, muscle aches and so on.

Massage that helps improve physical abilities. Due to increased muscular effort, a greater amount of lactic acid is accumulated. With sports-medical massage, the pressure is deeper and stronger, deeper into the muscles, and the ultimate goal is relaxation of the muscles and decomposition of lactic acid. Through this massage, muscles are brought into a relaxing state, giving them better strength, mobility, blood flow with significantly better circulation, and the body functions more easily and functionally.

Anticellulite massage is a targeted massage intended for women's fight against cellulite. Strong pressures affect the breakdown of fat cells. Anti-cellulite oil is used in the massage, which is intended to affect the reduction of cellulite. One treatment lasts 30 minutes, however, at least 10 treatments are recommended to achieve visible results.

It calms and relaxes, tightens the skin, stimulates microcirculation, invigorates a dream. Facial massage is undertaken due to various beneficial effects, such as: stimulation of blood circulation and, therefore, increased skin nutrition, ingestion of fat and other nutrients to the skin, removal of harmful substances that tanning the skin (lactic or charcoal), which makes the face young and fresh. The treatment lasts 20 minutes.

Foot Massage
Massage of the foot shortly lasts 20 minutes, and it refreshes and relaxes not only the feet, but also the entire body. Foot massage can alleviate headache, gastric problems, flatulence, neck and back pain.

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